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Friday, June 08, 2007  
After almost two years, I've decided to post the film festival reviews of "Sealed..." since, well, since I never did. LOL.

Here's one, from:

This short film details how the ACLU sued the LA County to take off a small cross that was on the county seal of Los Angeles. The county caved and took the small cross off the seal. Well director Anna Z. & Jeffers Dodge thought this whole issue would make an interesting film.

He was so right.

While the film only runs 12 minutes it makes great use of its time. Also the filmmakers did a smart move by casting the uber-charismatic and uber-cute Anna-Z as the narrator/star. The best part is where Anna-Z goes into the ACLU headquarters and asks them pointed questions (You will notice that the ACLU front desk person hides behind a glass screen) and gets the run around from its staff.

A interesting thing is when Dennis Prager(wearing a Roger Stuart suit) came on screen to talk about the controversy the audience cheered. Cool.

The film is also incredibly well made with good camerawork, editing, music and sound. The music they use is quite good as well. I also liked the “horror footage” they staged to help drive home the “fear” of the cross. The audience reaction was resounding. Good job !

4:24 PM

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